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Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, or Disgrace to the family. Four choices, that’s all you get as a child of an immigrant parents in the diaspora. Whatever the circumstances are of how each of us migrated to the United States or any other Western 1st World nation, the fact of the matter is we are most likely in search of better opportunities or greener pastures. Some of us leave home and settle in other countries for a variety of other reasons, however, not just in search of the better but the truth of the matter is we all remain attached to “HOME” and sometimes feel a sense of being stuck in the middle. Stuck in The Middle is a podcast (SitMpodcast) created with the aim of bridging two worlds together. We created this platform where innovators, entrepreneurs, movers, and shakers, from all parts of the world in all spheres of profession like sports, fashion, music, and lifestyle just to name a few, can come and share their beginnings, their current work, their vision for the future, and most importantly empower and inspire the next man or woman out there who may be feeling Stuck in The Middle. Every episode is inspiring in its unique way. Connect with SitMpodcast and together let’s expand the community of “Greats” from the motherland and around the world.
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Meet the Team

Ak - Creative Dir/Host 

Information is vital and whoever has the most information is in control. There are many different platforms to get information from; podcasting is one of my favorite form of acquiring information. With the growth of podcasting, it has become one of my favorite apps and one of the better ways to keep myself informed and entertained. Some of my favorites include Africa Today, The Brilliant Idiots, How I Built This, Real Time with Bill Maher, just to name a few. Having an idea and turning it into action is somewhat challenging and I see that problem a lot around me, which is why I was excited about the concept of a podcast that will encourage others to take that first step and not be scared to fail. It is a novel idea; it's fresh, it is different, and above all its dope. I am a laid back person, but I tend to get passionate and have strong opinions on certain issues.  Clubs don’t excite me any longer, but you can periodically catch me mingling at some lounge, or in my basement being a lone ball. 

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RifleX - Producer/Co-host

I started off writing poems in efforts to woo the beautiful girls on campus because that was the cool thing in our day, our culture, North West Cameroon. Fast forward many years later, and poetry has turned into Hip-hop/Rap and subsequently a passion for Audio Visual Engineering. I'm the man behind all the technical audio and visual work you enjoy here at SitMpodcast, and it is my greatest pleasure to be able to collaborate with this incredible team to bring you this content weekly. I love music, soccer, Africa and everything about it, and mangoes. I pray God gives me a healthy mango tree next to my mansion in heaven. As a producer, I also research potential guests and aid in the booking and most importantly ensure we deliver you great quality content consistently. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Communications, a Master's degree in Cybersecurity, and over three years of audio engineering studies from YouTube university—LoL. You can catch me in the studio cooking up dope music, on a stage in your city hyping up a crowd, or in church praising Christ. 


Achiri - Public Relations