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Dating: Stuck In The Middle


Dating is like a battlefield; you either conquer and get the guy of your dreams (or so we think!) or go home and continue hunting while offseason. But the older you get, like any other athlete or soldier, the harder it is to navigate the terrain. Some people consider themselves:

  • Single
  • Taken
  • IDK, something’s wrong with me?

Which one are you? Labels don’t define who we are. People are much deeper than the façade they attempt to portray. So, before all you single women decide to go out there and cast your nets, examine yourself and ask; Are you ready to date? Did you heal from your last fiasco of a relationship? Are you looking for love or… some booty action? LOL! Do you like hunting or you like being hunted? Do you self-sabotage as you can’t let someone in to love you your way? Are you a ME, MYSELF & I kind of chick? Are you in search of that smooth talking, tall, dark and handsome drink of water with an emptiness so deep you keep falling into darkness and never land? OR  are you in search of the average build, calm, attentive, considerate guy with a little insulation (No Abs needed, lol!) that caught the case of feelings for you??? Can anyone identify already?  Does he have a tan circle around his fourth finger? (if so, he’s married! And please LADIES put on your running shoes and hit the road!).


Guys! Women want to be courted, wooed and loved. Yeah! yeah! … flowers and chocolate may be sweet but in the long run, simple things like taking out the trash, opening the door, pulling out her chair for dinner, doing dishes, even a surprise homemade dinner would do the trick! Just do the unexpected and SURPRISE her for Ladies’ sakes!

For anyone who knows me well, you know I describe myself as “I am so simple that it's complicated”  Which I think all… well, most women are.

Ok! I am getting ahead of myself here. For us single women in our 30s, our married friends think we are picky and want to be single for life. Well, NEWSFLASH!!!!!  no one wants to be alone.
Everyone wants to cuddle with someone while drinking warm chocolate on a cold winter evening, go out for an evening stroll in the moonlight for some summer breeze (sounds cheesy but it's true), for me; joining me on my morning runs through the city does the trick!

Since I live in my head with some paranoia… ok! Don’t freak out just some slight paranoia. When a couple invites me for like a Christmas or celebration dinner, it feels like it’s out of pity, so I wouldn’t be alone in my house with my single self. That’s insane, right? For me to think that, but it’s a valid point.

The older we get, the more our priorities change and just for the record, the hook-ups that our family and friends attempt are completely exhausting! What about the dating websites; Match, Christian mingle, eHarmony, Tinder and Plenty of fish? Yes, there’s plenty of fish in the sea of dating, but we keep going back to that same Jellyfish that stings us every time.

It’s as if we are Masochists and love to hurt ourselves, almost as if the jellyfish sting makes us feel alive again, in our own sick way! …. Oooohhh! I did hit a nerve, didn’t I? You can call me the shady fisherman! LOL!


Well, Ladies, we have been used, abused, engaged and twice removed, dumped, compromised our values for the promise of marriage and then they marry the girl next door, but I have one word for you… Well, couple words! ehhhhhhhhhh ! More like a paragraph LOL!
Don’t lose yourself in the temporary. Who are we to close the book when God is not even done writing a chapter in our lives. If you are single, whatever age you are, This is not the End, it’s just the Beginning. Instill the flame of Hope and Keep it alive!

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