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5 Health & Wellness Trainers to Help with Your New Year Goals

With every new year comes new beginnings and a time when we set new goals and resolve to be a better version of ourselves than the previous year. As some people call it, "New year, New Me" These three things which always top the list every year. People always resolve to getting fit or healthier, then there's finance and getting out of debt or in a financially free zone. I'll leave the third on the list up for you to guess.

I happen to be one of those folks who has bulking up highlighted and up there on my 2018 goals and of course with health, different folks have different strokes or goals. So, whether your plan is to get fit or bulk up, eat healthier or slim down this year, I have put together a list of five online trainers I think would help you achieve it this year. I can almost guarantee that if you follow them, you will not only find yourself still at it three months into the year when others have long forgotten or given up on their resolutions, but you would have developed your own regime and be a force for others. In addition, the great news is with the beauty of social media and the internet, you don’t even have to be in the same city but need only to check them out online.

1. Mike Amoateng (IG: @Mike_For_Christ)

You know those iron banging, heavy breathing, grunting, I sleep in the gym freaks who make you go to the gym at after hours so you don’t have to be intimidated by their workout routine, but you still see them there? Yeah, though Mike might physically look like one of them he is a fairly nice guy as I happen to personally know him. With a bachelor's of science in Kinesiology, and accredited NCAA personal trainer, Mike launched Amoateng Fitness which focuses on body sculpting, weight loss, diet and nutrition, speed and agility, and performance. He recently also partnered with Lift Africa (IG: @LiftAfricaNation) and VIDA Fitness in the DMV area. Follow Mike on IG for that motivation you need.

Note: SitMpodcast will be hosting the founders of Lift Africa in the month of February, check our calendar and tune in to find out more about their work.

2. Tatiana LadyCamer (IG: HealthUpWithTatiana)


Tatiana is one of those trainers who you just get so motivated just by watching her work. Last year Tatiana and all her dopeness did a couple of challenges one of which included a fun 21-day abs blast challenge of 21-minute workouts and diet plans. Her platform seeks to inspire and empower African women striving for optimal health and wellness through proper diet, exercise and stress management. Judging from the number of women and girls who signed up and the testimonials, needless to say, she's good at what she does, and it all can be followed easily just by keeping up on her IG page. If you are in the Dallas, TX area, you will do well to link up with Tatiana but hit up her IG for some great diets that keep that African flavor in it.

3. Adijah Acha-Nde (IG: @fitmom_fix)

Now this one is a little different because Fit Mom as she is known is passionate about working with moms on their snapback bodies after childbirth. I just love how that sounds, "snap back body after childbirth" please don’t overthink it or ask me why. SitMpodcast will also have the pleasure of hosting Adijah for an interview January 14th, 2018 so be sure to tune in to learn more about her platform, but mothers will do well to join her in their journey to snapping back. I don’t think I will be stretching it to say it’s not too late if you’ve had your child for a while now or are pregnant and looking forward to after birth or whatever your situation is. I'm certain moms will all find Adijah to be of tremendous help as she even got them workouts you can do while babysitting. That’s neat!  

Her YouTube page is popping with some awesome under 10 minutes home workout videos that can have you right back in shape ready for that next offspring!

4. Briya Brown (IG: @bodybybri_)


Kinfolk, simply put Bri got body goals. I purposely didn’t include any of them big name trainers with lots of online clout on this list because personally I think learning from a contemporary is relatable and serves as a form of inspiration and motivation. For this to work, however, consistency is key. Bri stay’s consistent with the quick training videos with detailed description on her captions. I must say I myself have learned quite a few things from Bri

5. Charles Robison (IG: @Traps6_)

One doesn't get featured in Men's Health Mag and become an American Ninja Warrior without knowing what they are doing. I got hip to Charles a while ago when I hit up one of my homegirl to reference me to some trainers I can follow on the gram for daily workout videos and training tips. His twitter timeline also flows with 280 characters or less spurring health and wellness sermons that are sure to set you on the right frame of mind to make it through the year.

Kept it short and to the point so you can quickly read and have time to get up off that couch and get to work! Do not say the year is already a couple days in and I'm behind, it's not how you start, but how you finish and it's not how fast, but how far you go.

Now, let me speak to my ladies for a quick second. Listen, here is a pro tip: some of y'all be stressing about that little pudge y’all got a little too much. All a brother gon say is, not every man is demanding you have a flat stomach or six packs okay? Eat that last piece of wing sis. Be great!

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