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Best of 2018 (Stuck in The Middle Podcast)

Since starting this podcast platform February of 2017, one of our primary objective has been to grow the audience significantly on an annual basis. This is not to have numbers to boast on but to be able to spread the incredibly rich information our guests bring and share on a weekly basis with a broader masses. This is why we believe strongly in our impact and the mission.

In 2018 we had just as much fun as we had our first year and enjoyed every single guest who came through our studio, and every event we had the opportunity of participating in. We also celebrated our 100th episode this year with a big party attended by supporters of the pod, friends, and family. That was a huge success, milestone, and fun!

On Stuck in The Middle we endeavor to stay as transparent as possible, bringing you behind the scenes as much as we can to show or inform you on how we make things work week in and week out. That is why we have decided to put together this short list of our favorite moments of 2018, both to thank you for your support and to celebrate the wins together.

  1. Most Watched YouTube Interview

Gerald Pasi Talks Oracle DBA, 6 Figure Salaries, Jelani Consulting, The American Dream + More

We had the distinct pleasure of sitting with Gerald Pasi, Founder of Jelani Consulting based in Greenbelt, MD that provides cutting-edge Oracle training for the technically inclined individual. Gerald presented his information in a gentle and clear manner which made interviewing him all the more pleasurable. Many people aspire to live that “American Dream” whatever it means for them. Earning 6 figures is just one way, which might be why many were drawn to the content of this particular episode, or Gerald just shared it the most with his networks (LoL), we don’t know. Stuck in the Middle podcast embodies that idea, immigrants in the diaspora and even at home striving for that goal success as an entrepreneur or whatever their passion is in. The sharing of experiences, stories, and ideas to inspire and educate each other as we break barriers together. One thing is clear though, the discussion on and around the episode was rich. We appreciate it.

    2. Most Read Blog on The Website

How My Gap Tooth Smile Changed My Perception About My Insecurities” by Azah Ndeh

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 8.25.23 PM.png

On SitMpodcast we keep a blog section on our website, with primarily contributions from prolific writer Manne Ndoping who has written quite a few since our launch. We also publish posts by guest writers and were blessed to have submissions by various writers this year. This was such a beautiful piece by guest writer Azah Ndeh writing on her experiences having a gap tooth. It generated a lengthy and interesting conversation on our Instagram page as well as on the comment section under the post on our website. It was amazing to hear different experiences, perspectives on the matter and solidarity. We appreciate Azah sending this in and look forward to publishing many more pieces from guest writers who wish to publish a thought in writing. It is true there still are some book lovers and individuals who love blogs out there. Blogging is another way we bring content to our audience and we appreciate our writers and readers alike.

   3. Most Streamed Episode on SoundCloud

Episode 082 - Project 3:30 (Greater Podcast)

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 8.26.05 PM.png

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting our fellow podcasters on the desk as well as been guests ourselves on other platforms! The great fellas of Project 3:30 (Greater Podcast) joined us to chat about life as young christian men, marriage & dating, what their podcast platform is about, and much much more! This was such a fun episode as lots of jokes were cracked, vulnerable moments were shared, and all around a genuine conversation was had. Greater Podcast also streams on SoundCloud and we appreciated the guys reposting the episode to their audience. They have since remained great friends to SitMpodcast and we enjoy their content as well as look forward to working again with them down the line.

   4. Our 100th Episode Celebration!

It’s incredible how the time passes by so fast when you are doing what you love and have an absolute blast doing it. When we started this podcast we didn’t know exactly what we were signing ourselves up for. A guest driven weekly show?! Are you kidding me?! Thats hard work! But of course we found that out the hard way after a couple of week into launching. But as one of our host Uncle AK always preachers, you just have to get started on something sometimes and cross the bridges when you get there, too much contemplation stalls a dream. It was difficult booking guests when we started, at times getting till Friday and not having anybody to interview, but we managed to book a solid guest week in and week out and deliver rich content with exceptional quality. As time progressed and the podcast grew, as well as the staff we have are not even overwhelmed with requests to come on the show and a plethora of guests guaranteed to deliver! We are grateful for our PR Mah and also you the fans and friends of this podcast for spreading the word about #SitMpodcast and also appreciate our previous guests and future guests! We look forward to talking with you as we press forward to even 500 and beyond episodes! Reaching the 100th episode mark was a solid growth and milestone we had to take the time to acknowledge and we are pleased with the success of the event and enjoyed spending time with all who came out to celebrate with us. Pictures are also available on our website for your viewing pleasure!

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 8.24.52 PM.png

These are just a few milestones we were blessed to hit this year, which is worthwhile pausing to look back on in appreciation. Of course this isn’t singling out any one guest or writer to give them praise over the other as we have earlier said we value all alike. We look forward to continuing this journey again next year, 2019 and taking this movement to greater heights. As earlier mentioned, we believe in transparency and as such will share with you some of our goals for 2019, in a next blog post following this one, in hopes you will partner with us in growing together!

Stuck in The Middle podcast.