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The A Concept

Can you remember the feeling the first time you hit the beach in the summer, and you feel the sand beneath your feet and the waves pounding your legs in the nice cool waters? Close your eyes and picture it now! That sentiment you just experienced is the same one I have talking, styling and taking pictures of timeless designs and fashions.  

As Fashion is one of my passions, kindly enable me to indulge you for a sec to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The A Concept, a ready-to-wear fashion brand by Award-winning, Multi-talented Fashion designer Afua Sam, who is also the Creator of DC’s based Couture Fashion House; Studio D’Maxsi.

Fashion is what you buy, and style is what you do with it. But with The A Concept, you can have both fashion and style as Afua does it effortlessly by making the world your runway and your closet timeless.

As popularly said by our very loved character in Sex in the City Carrie Bradshaw, “I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” The question for you today is, what narrative does your closet portray? Are there timeless pieces or quick, impulsive trends?

As the lead designer and creative director of Studio D’maxsi, Afua yearned to create another baby that was runway ready and affordable street wear but wanted it to have a separate identity. Her fear of failure pushed her to impossible limits and with many conflicts on naming the design she came up with The A Concept by Afua Sam.

Her challenge to break out of the cycle of fear of failure can be accredited to daily affirmations, childhood memories, gratitude to her Mother for the sacrifices made and Steve Harvey’s ’21-day Jump for Success’ which challenged her to excel, boosted confidence and allowed her a freedom of expression to foster the potential and dream of The A concept brand. 

Inspiration is birthed from evolving ideas and being originally from Ghana, West Africa; she was inspired by the vibrant colors, exotic spices, tropical forests, the overflowing markets, its struggles together with its triumphs which exhibits itself in her very edgy, chic off-shoulder tops, ruffles, and high neck African print outfits. You can find her influence worldwide manifested in diverse runways such as Diversity of Colour in London, UK, Congressional Black Caucus in DC, Georgetown Fashion Show, Crystal Couture, Crystal City, VA, and the Red Runway Fashion Show for the I Heart Health Expo in Baltimore, MD. 

With overpowering potential and a mighty stance in the fashion world globally, Afua’s advice to those starting a new venture is; Step out of your comfort zone, Just Start! Move forward! Learn lessons! And above all be grateful to your support system.

From Hollywood to her neighborhood, Afua is grateful to all the Clients, Models, Makeup Artists, Nonprofit organizations, photographers and media personnel that have worn, strutted runways and shown her brand some love in its one year of inception. 

Superseding this one year of success, multiple runway exhibits, contributions to her community and worldwide, Afua is looking forward to 2019 and has so much potential for her brand and so many surprises for you. So stay tuned and check out her website for your custom made orders at

As your fashions reflect who you are, always remember “Dressing well is a form of good manners” ….

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