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Meet DJ Hallex - International Female Dj, Future published Author, Human rights law certified expert, and Entrepreneur

Introduce/tell us about yourself? from childhood to present... 

Born in the Cameroon moved to Sweden at the age of 12 to stay with my father. Studied journalism and multimedia as my bachelor and human rights law as my masters. Right now, I work for the Swedish government with women empowerment projects and establishment projects for immigrants. I’m a very artistic person, I do everything from writing, dancing, painting, djing and reading... 

when and why did you know you wanted to be a DJ?
I have always loved music and dancing was a huge part of my life. One day I was walking, and a man stopped me as told me he had a djing school for females and that I looked like someone who can be interested. I loved the idea, but I never had the money to attend the classes and also then I was focused on studying at the university. Fast forward a few years later when I had more time, I decided to go for it, I bought a controller and started learning and teaching myself. One thing about me is that I believe in hard work, working hard leads to results as in this case. 

You are a write as well and your very first book will be published very soon. what is the title, who is the book for, and what is the message you trying to pass across? 
My book hasn’t been titled yet, there are still changes that I am making and only when I’m done will I be able to capture the perfect tittle. My book is for everyone really but mostly to create an understanding within ourselves about the view us African especially have about Europe, really creating a reality of Europe that many outsiders don’t know especially people coming from our part of the world.

 What motivated you to write?
I have always love creating. I had a hard childhood so disappearing into a world I created was my only escape. I also loved reading from an early age, reading other amazing authors led me to wanting to create my own. 

 You've already signed a book deal with a Swedish publishing company called Storyhood. That’s a dream come true for most people CONGRATULATIONS. Tell us a little about the process of scouting for a publisher, finding one, and striking a deal? 
I don’t know, write the book, have someone read it, make sure there is something unique about the story you are trying to tell and then just send it to the publishing companies that you think might be interested in your genre. Hopefully you will have a catch, but even if you don’t, don’t give up just keep sending. 

 what are some successful things you have done to promote yourself?
I work hard and make sure people notice that through my performance. Also, I promote my gigs a lot on my social media. 

 If you had the chance of working with any DJ legends, who would it be and why?
I haven’t thought of that because I have worked with a lot of amazing DJs and learned something new from each and every one of them. They have all been legends in their own way, so I don’t really have a dream of working with anyone specific, I just appreciate working with people who have the same passion for music like me. 

 what has been your greatest triumph as a DJ?
My greatest triumph has been how fast I have grown in just a year of my djing career. In only a year I have had shows all of the country and many times in different country. I have DJ multiple times in the United States, England, Denmark, Germany... 

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you've played in multiple place, give us a name and location of a place you absolutely enjoyed DJ for? 
I loved playing everywhere I have been and because of that I have always returned to play again. I enjoyed playing in the United States (Baltimore and Miami) the DJs there were really old school and had a unique technique that urged me to want to go home and learn more. 

 Are DJ underrated in your opinions? How do you control the crowd? 
I don’t know, I don’t feel underrated. I feel respected. As a DJ you have to learn how to feel the crowd. You just see and just know. 

 If there is one thing you would like to change about the DJ industry what would it be? 
I would love to diversify the DJ world, open the door for more female DJs. 

 What is your favorite genre of music and why? 
Surprisingly enough I love all genres, I love everything from Afrobeat, Dancehall, Roots, Hip Hop, RnB, Rock, Hard Rock... in every genre I have a favorite song or songs, or artist and I love to explore all the genres because people are so different and wish for different music depending on when or where one of djing. 

Any advice for women out there trying to break into things deemed out the ordinary for them? for example DJ considering you African roots?
I say go for it! Practice a lot because if you are great at what you do then nobody can tell you otherwise. As a woman in this (man’s business) you have to be firm and straight forward and don’t let know who treat you any differently from how they would for example treat a male DJ. 

How can people reach/connect with you? 
They can easily email me through my Instagram (@Hallexberryy) or my business page on Instagram (@therealhallexberrybrans)

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 Thank you for your time. 
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