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No sex zone!

Celibacy in 2019? Who does that, right?

We are living in times were going viral and having more likes on social media is way more schway, Than doing the right thing. In the eyes of society now, it's like super uncool to be celibate.

Well, we all know what celibacy is, but I implore you to abandon yourself in my perspective for a sec.

According to the Webster dictionary, Celibacy is the state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations.

Celibacy is an intentional choice or imposed on by circumstances, not because there are no options, but likely secondary to one’s spiritual views or personal beliefs.

Some people are still virgins, and others are choosing to adopt celibacy after having had an active sex life. Yes, I had given in and am now celibate because the people I loved told me they loved me and I was eager to prove my love, setting aside my spiritual views to fulfill the desires of the flesh.

In my guilt and shame, I found forgiveness in God but the question I dealt with for years is “Can I forgive myself”? Others stay abstinent for a certain time, but for me, Celibacy is a lifestyle, and I am grateful to God and my support system for keeping me accountable.

Some do it for spiritual reasons as the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:20 “Your body is a temple of God, and you were bought at a price so honor God with your body.”


I believe the Bible is trying to save us the anguish that erupts from heartbreak(s) (engaging in pre-marital sex) by speaking deeply on sexual intimacy before marriage as societal norms portray, it shows proof of love, but God already did that on the cross when he died for us.

Some do it for personal reasons to save themselves the heartbreak and avoid sexually transmitted diseases (condoms won’t protect you at all times, LOL!), others do it to save it for their spouses on their wedding night.

Intimacy is much deeper than anything physical. When you engage in sexual intimacy, you connect with someone’s soul and open yourself up to their spiritual woes as two become one (that’s deep ain't it? No pun intended).

It's nice to have company but in these times, the opposite sex more than likely expects…. a make-out session and for you to showcase a nipple or two with some extra activity, LOL!

So, yeah! It’s very hard as a celibate individual to find appropriate company that respects your wishes, but I am learning ( …still a work in progress) to be content and know who I am in Christ and to appreciate my own company.

These days, we are even embarrassed to say we are celibate (I almost didn’t take credit for this article) for fear of being ostracized or being noted by society as a social pariah. Most people just assume that if you are celibate, you most likely had a bad sexual encounter or maybe were even sexually molested.

Do you believe we are constantly being flooded by social media with overly explicit sexual images and how does that affect your celibacy or lack thereof (no judgment!)?

Are you sexually active or celibate? If you are celibate, do you miss being sexually active? Are you overtaken by your desires that you feel you have to jump someone because you are like a dog in heat? Are you abstaining from all forms of sexual distractions such as porn, oral sex, inappropriate physical touch? And if you are sexually active, has the concept of celibacy ever wandered across your mind? If so, where do you start?

If you are sexually active and celibacy has crossed your mind, navigating through the process could be chaotic, You could start by; Stop putting yourself in compromising situations ( Netflix and Chill, anyone?), submit to God first and resist the flesh ( you can't resist on your own, FACTS!)…. Oh! And stay away from Porn (yes you can do it)

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 12.48.47 PM.png

If you are a virgin or decided to be celibate till marriage but are dating someone who is persuading you to have sex to prove your love, I have a message for you; Just because someone desires you doesn’t mean they value you, so know your worth, Guard your heart, empower yourself and stay focused. 

“Hearts rarely get broken when legs are kept closed”…


By: Alli

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