Stuck In The Middle Podcast



Celibacy, the state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations is in my opinion, not a good or bad thing. I would hate to categorize it on either side of the spectrum because I firmly believe it is simply a choice. An intrinsic choice, which many men and women arrive to at some point in their life for many different reasons. (Yes men can be celibate too lol). It could be a failed relationship, a pregnancy scare, test of self-discipline, a sexually transmitted disease (those are real, wrap it up folks), and a plethora of other situations that brings you to that decision. Whatever your reason for being celibate, it is worth the while and celibacy is definitely in! 


I arrived at my decision in 2012 after a serious heartbreak. I’m talking can't eat, can't sleep, dirty dishes in the sink, and house a complete mess. I was extremely frustrated with life because having to go through such an unexplainable pain I’ve never felt before and couldn’t shake was unfair. I knew I had to get myself out of that funk, so yes I slept with someone hoping it would help me move on and guess what. IT DIDN’T! It was the worst sex I’ve ever had. But that moment lead me to two conclusions:

1. Casual sex was not for me.
2. Sex would have to be put on hold until I find my husband.

Then BOOM my celibacy journey began.

 After 7 years, I can say that there are definitely high and low moments. There are times when I’m completely good and other times when the thought of dying without ever having sex/making love again really scares me. (Don’t laugh I’m for real ya'll). This journey has allowed me to figure out who I am and what I have to offer, while also allowing me to clearly differentiate between what I need and what I’m making excuses for. To experience a different life you have to be willing to change some things and really believe that change is possible. Taking sex out of the equation aided in the internal/spiritual work I needed to "find myself". I am going to end this post here because there is just so much I could say on this subject. "Woosah"

 I wholeheartedly need all my Celibate folks to know, you freakin rock, you are hot and although it can be hard at times, stay true to yourself. And for the rest of you give Celibacy a chance!

How long can you go or have you gone and why? I don’t know how long I will keep this up but I will continue to take it one day at a time.

Remember!! Oxy Loves YOU always and forever!!