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Happy Mothers Day!!

Warrior…... Superhero……. Mother!


When you are caught up in a fight, why is it that disparaging comments such as  “YOUR MAMA” hurts the most? When you need something, why do you call your mom? When you need to get through to your dad, why do you go through your mom? When someone says you look/act like your mom, why do you smile?

Because we all know what our mothers mean to us. God gave mothers a gentle spirit, a patient, forgiving and loving heart to love us endlessly even when we didn’t love ourselves.

Is there a memory especially childhood memory that you can recall that your mom wasn’t a part of it?

 Think about it, this woman carried you for 9 months, breastfed you, gave you warm hearty hugs, took you to school, cooked some great dinners, planned vacations, organized your birthdays, cried with you through your tears, kissed your boo-boo when you got injured, was hurting when you were ill, read you stories to sleep, tucked you in bed every night, Believed and prayed for you in your darkest moments, gave you more than she could afford, laughed with you in your joy and after God formed you in the womb, she was your first home. How on earth couldn’t she be a superhero??????

Motherhood is a connection that defies all odds, breaks boundaries, and transcends time with a whole lot of limitless love. 

Being a mother means you watch your heart walking outside your body (children) and you get to worry about them even when they are grown and have children of their own. Even though we can never completely take away a mother’s anxiety about her children, as kids we can splinter that anxiety by our actions making them know the values they instilled in us are being executed.

Even though I am not a mother yet, but as an aunt I have had my  heart swell up with pride, tears streaming down my cheeks and love coursing through my veins when my nephew walked across the stage and got his high school diploma, when my little nieces/ nephews/cousins rush to greet me when they see me, I can only imagine the joy of a mother coming home, seeing their kids excel and having the purest love in their hearts for their babies ( Yes, no matter how old you get, you will always be someone’s baby, lol!). Can you tell, I have uterus fever? LOL!

Raise your hand (well since I can’t see you while you reading this, just do an agreeable nod), if your mom /was the coolest mom ever?


As we grow older, in the circle of life, its  as if our parents become the children and we become the adults and take charge/make decisions and don’t listen to them any longer. 
There is this old African Proverb “ What an old man/woman can see sitting down, a young man/woman cannot see standing up”.

Always listen to a mothers advice, yes it could be coming from a place of not wanting to let go, and wanting you to live a better life than she did but her intentions surface from a place of pure love.

For those of us who are blessed to have known or still know a mothers love, cherish, nourish and let it bloom and bleed into the next generation.

For the mothers who have lost a child/children, and are still grieving, just remember there is hope for healing and of course nothing can replace your child but a mother never lacks the ability to love and there are plenty of children looking for a hug and some motherly affection out there. 

Some of us come from cultures were “I Love You”/daily affirmations were not commonly expressed in ways of westernized societal norms but know this; it was nothing personal, just the culture our parents were raised in but they were taught to show love in other ways like providing and giving you the life they never had, so lets cut them some slack now and if we want change in our generation, let it start from us. 

As Mother’s day is upon us, I would love for you to reflect on the greatest lesson your mom taught you, how you cherish her, and if she is dearly departed, how are you carrying on her legacy and what are you handing down to the next generation?

To Mothers everywhere; we love you and look forward to your laughter, tears, great food, your sweet scents, your kind words, your selflessness, your prayers, your love and your courage to hope amidst the storm. 
We celebrate you this Mother’s Day and every day thereafter!
Happy Mother’s Day!

“To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world” …… Unknown. 

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