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Sex Is OverRated!

Some of you might be wondering, what does a never experienced, 20-year-old, sleep deprived, and life deprived little girl know about being abstinent?

She’s never had sex, she doesn't know the “desires of the flesh”, she's never felt that heaping temptation when you stare at your lover partner or friends with benefits in the eye and you both know the unspoken will be done.

Well, I've got a handful of things to say about sex and the importance of abstinence, especially in my generation.

My memory is very short-lived but from what I can recall, I never got the sex talk from my parents. I do remember the occasional “if you open your legs to a man you will get pregnant” phrase from my mom, but I never got the American “sex talk”. What I do remember is the highly demanded sex-ed class recommended by my middle school and high school counselors. I found myself in a very compromised and uncomfortable position, asking why show us a video and toss around the basket full of condoms. Why not voice out the dos and don’ts, why not warn us how substantial such an act is?

NO, we got videos and an advised “handful” of condoms, that were probably never used.

Looking back, it all, it was a bunch of crap and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

So, I get back to the main topic. What do I know about NO SEX ZONE and why I choose it?

One, I believe in my own personal morals and values. As a young adult finding my way in life, I've seen others buy mistakes they can’t return and I've seen it burden them. When I got wise enough to understand what sex is and the significance of it, I told myself “this isn't for you, not now, not until your married or matured”. I've stuck with that mentality. I’m approaching my twenties and soon twenty-first knowing that I respected my values.

Two “everyone does it, you should too”. I was shocked when I heard a girl say that to me when I proclaimed my views on sex.

“Honey not everything is meant for everyone” and “honey you should value yourself more”. I live in a generation where sex is normalized to a certain alarming degree, and no one seems to care. Its talked about on TV, celebrities market it, “you can do it but do it while being safe “Trojan”.

It’s a fad and everyone is chasing it like there is something great to lose. Indeed, my peers, you have lost something great and sadly some of you know and some are oblivious.  Sex in my generation is a very open topic, which is good, we should talk about. But it's too open in the sense of peer pressure and the always debatable “body count”.

If your count is low, you’re wack, if you count is high, you’re a stud, and if you've never had the sex you don't know any better and your labled imature or  a child.

Again a fad that I don't chase. Not including that fact that this “body count” topic is also seen in a very sexist view. A man can have a body count of 16, but dare a woman say she has a body count of 4, she’s considered a h*e. Playing into the “fads” and the “everyone does it” nature has never been my style. I play it safe and I keep in mind what my mom considered the sex talk; “you open your legs you will get pregnant.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 9.20.02 AM.png

Three, God told me to wait. Yes, I’m a spiritual woman and I believe that such acts should be shared with someone you are one married to, two trust, and three love. Many might say there are more dynamics to it, but those are the strong facts that stand out to me. We are all sexual beings and we like to indulge in our cravings. We crave touch, passion, love, and any other acts or materialistic things that make us feel good. We as human also battle with our inner balance. Being faithful and spiritual has helped me know my boundaries, helped me find my balance and most importantly understand the faith of my God. If he can have faith in me, as I do in him, then I can resist the temptations of lust and sex.

To end what seems like a rant, sex is not a factor in MY mind. I don't need it to feel any physical pleasures or anything of that sort; a minimum of seven hours sleep in my bed is just the trick. I don't need to feel mature or like an adult; paying bills and tuition for school out of pocket is enough “adulting” to me. I don't need to make my nonexistent partner happy; If you’re not happy and you're upset I won't “give it up” why stick around. I don't need to do it because everyone is doing it or to please you.

I know I might sound pious or one-sided, or however, you might feel after reading this. Like I said sex is an open topic, and it's okay to be talked about. We all have opinions and view on what sex is. We all have opinions on how we go about our sex lives. These are mine.

So I choose the “NO SEX ZONE”

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