Stuck In The Middle Podcast


The African Emancipation Proclamation

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you “The African Emancipation Proclamation”.

 In the words of Dr. King, I am writing to dramatize a shameful condition. 
We are in the 21st Century and in our parts of the world; 
Children are still dying of malnutrition,
Blood continues to be shed in barbaric wars and genocides,
Female Genital mutilation is still a thing,
1 in 3 adults in sub-Saharan Africa cannot read.
How did we get here?

We were once a World Power; 
When the Roman Empire collapsed,
And Europe fell in the dark Ages, 
And America was yet to be discovered,
We were carrying humanity on our shoulders.
In fact, the King of the Mali Empire, Mansa Musa was the richest person in the world.
And just some 40 years ago, Uganda was richer than South Korea, today it is 45 times poorer.
How did we get here?

 We were enslaved, then colonized, reduced to a state of nothingness, they really tried to bury us.
Even after independence, our countries continued to be ambushed for our gold and diamonds.
We will never forget, but it is time we move on!

 We’ve been waiting for a Western Messiah way too long,
If they wanted to save us, they would have saved us.
It is time that you and I rebuild and financially invest in our countries alone.

 Would you join the ranks of the “Uncorrupted African Elite”?
It is not an organization, it is not a movement, it is a state of mind.
Where we’ve broken free of the beggar mentality,
We’ve decolonized our mind and our dignity is not for sale,
We are not afraid to compete even on an international level,
And when they don’t give us opportunities, we create new opportunities.
We don’t have time to debate with racism.

 We have been silenced way too long, 
And every time we are asked, “Oh My God, how is it in Africa?”
We boldly respond: “Our land is not cursed, Our hands are not cursed, 
Our women are not cursed, Africa will get well”.

 If you are African and you think this message doesn’t concern you, 
Mama Africa sent me to ask you “was it not my breast that sustained you? 
Yes, you’ve grown rich and fat but how can you look at your mother with disdain?”

My name is not important, what I stand for is much greater than I am
I am a combatant for equality, call me Queen X.