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Igxtelle Mbah Acha Esq. - Founder of The Immigrant Mom; Brave women raising Brave children

Hello Igxtelle! What an interesting name.. what does it mean and could you please tell us about yourself? 
Igxtelle: Igxtelle is actually a name my mom made up drawing inspiration from the name Christina- after her mom.

Sure. Igxtelle is an attorney and a compliance manager at a financial institution. I am also an international speaker and counselor. Originally from Cameroon and resident in the U.S. A happy wife and mom to two adorbs.

You are the founder of 'The immigration Mom'  how did this come about? What is the aim of this organization?
Igxtelle: After having my first daughter, the lack of experience and knowledge left me feeling extremely vulnerable and uncertain. I did not have the rare privilege of having my parents close by so I resorted to watching Youtube to learn pretty basic things. As I pondered on the many things I did not know it dawned on me that a lot of my friends who are also immigrants and their families are in similar situations.

The Immigrant Mom organization goal is to properly equip the Immigrant Mom with knowledge to enable her to prepare her children to take the leading edge in this society. It is often said that a good player not only knows the game but also masters the field on which he plays. 

Before we go in depth you have an event coming up - The Immigrant MomBrave women raising Brave children Conference 2019 Divine Grace Church Auditorium, 677 I-20, Arlington TX 76018.Oct. 5th 2019, 9AM ‚Äì 3PM - talk a bit about this event. 
Igxtelle: This event is the pioneer event for The Immigrant Mom and it is bringing together resourceful speakers who will share from their experiences and a panelist who will share their professional knowledge on select topics of interest to the immigrant mom. Most importantly the audience will get the chance to ask as many questions as possible 


Is this conference going to be a yearly recurring event or is it just a one event?
Igxtelle: It will be yearly and hosted in different cities across the United States

What do you hope to achieve with this event/organization?
Igxtelle: To build a network of immigrant mothers through which we will showcase the Immigrant Mom story in the US states, network, empower and motivate each other.

Taking a couple steps back, when did you initially have the thought about the organization? Did you act on it right away or did you sit with it for a while?
Igxtelle: I can't actually pin down a particular date but I just kept wishing as I went through postpartum depression and severe baby blues that there was a network of women, with similar circumstances, that I could rely on to get through those trying times. 

If you did sit with it for a while, how long did it take you to finally act on it?
Igxtelle: After my baby shower for the second baby I begun working on setting up the organization and planning for the conference

What do you think was the reason you sat with for a while?
Igxtelle: My hands were full with raising my infant daughter, working a full time job and was pregnant with my second baby.

What challenges have you faced thus far with launching the organization/conference?
Igxtelle: The pioneer experience is usually tougher but the biggest challenge has been around financing the conference. 

Given an opportunity to promote/market the event and invite/encourage people to attend, what would you want people to know. Why should people attend this event?
Igxtelle: There are aspects and rules about raising children in your home country may vary from how children are raised in the United States, so it is important to come and learn from people who are willing to share their successes and advice based on their challenges. We will be creating a network to support each other 

you have an enormous panel, How did you select your speakers for the event? What would you like people to know about the selected speakers?
Igxtelle: It was not a random selection. Actually a lot more people reached out willing to speak but the ones chosen have experience and knowledge on the specific topics highlighted for this conference

Is this conference open for males attendance or just women? 
Igxtelle: It is open for everyone.  We actually encourage parents/caregivers in general to attend as well as parents to be. 

For those who cannot make it this conference how can they be a part of it (watch, listen, donate etc)? 
Igxtelle: Please like our page on Facebook to see snippets of the event and subsequent updates. 

We are also open to sponsorships for the event which enable us to host more people. To DONATE you can click DONATE on our website OR DONATE via cashapp $IgxtelleMbahAcha

speak to us about your background and how it ties into your organization? 
Igxtelle: Igxtelle is an immigrant and a mother.  I am an immigrant mom who will first and foremost benefit from the aim and purpose of the organization. There is alot  I stand to learn and want other mothers to join me on this journey. Also, as I stated, I am a licensed attorney and motivational speaker who loves bringing people together to have meaningful conversations.  

Is there anything else you would like to add that we haven't mentioned? 
Igxtelle: This conference is for mothers, mothers to be, parents from all across the world who are raising children in this society. It is open for all immigrants.

So everyone in the Dallas Fort Worth area or greater Texas in general should come out for the event. 

At the end of the conference we will launch the DFW Immigrant Mom network. It will be a support network for all immigrant mothers to provide support in every way possible. 

Share this with everyone you know to come out for a great time.

how can people connect with you and your organization? 
Igxtelle: You can email us or
Check out or Website & page on Facebook and IG: The Immigrant Mom

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