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We’re looking for awesome sponsors for our show and we personally wanted to extend this opportunity to our guests and supporters to see if you’d like to chat about getting exposure in front of our listeners. We believe our listeners would be a perfect audience to hear about your company/organization in our pre and post episode sponsor mentions (that don’t suck!).

Stuck In The Middle is a podcast that focuses on bridging two worlds together. We created this platform where innovators, entrepreneurs, movers, and shakers from all parts of the world in all spheres of profession like sports, fashion, music and lifestyle just to name a few, can come and share their stories, and most importantly empower and inspire the next person who may be feeling Stuck In The Middle.

We’re beginning to offer limited sponsorship opportunities for companies/organizations like yours which we think would be a good fit for our audience, and we’d like to talk about you on our show.

We’ll love to chat more if you’re interested, and we’ll love to have your company/organizations name featured on our podcast!

Thank you for your time and let us know if you have any questions.

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