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Harry Ondoa Jr - Founder At Men Afrique, Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer, Published Photographer, Graphic Designer, Africa Enthusiast


Harry Ondoa is fast-rising Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Blogger, and Visual Artist, who is extremely versatile, and gifted with the ability to take any moment and make it more electric through the lens of his camera.

Born on May 18th, 1990 in Washington, DC and raised in Douala, Cameroon, Harry attended Saint Joseph’s College Sasse and moved back to Maryland, USA to continue his education. He studied Accounting for two years at Montgomery College and then transferred over to American University to where he studied International Business and Graphic Design.

Harry’s versatility is embodied in the diversity and range of his creativity. In the realms of Fine Art, specifically photography, Harry has grasped and is constantly perfecting his abilities in the photographic facets of Fashion, Afrocentric, Vintage, Editorial, and Black and White photography. Combining his innovative capabilities with his passion for not only personal growth but for growth that impacts a generation, Harry founded and is currently the Creative Director for Men Afrique, which is an integrated consulting firm fixated on creating customized strategic solutions that help clients execute their desired goals and objectives. In the same innovative spirit, Harry also founded Alkebulan Factory, which provides a platform for all African Artist and Artisans with the purpose to make a living off of their craft. Harry’s artistic proficiency has also led him to Creatively Direct the U&M Kingdom Menswear’s campaign ad. With a vision of being a building block in the pyramid that is Africa, Harry has worked as a photojournalist for Hope For Children Cameroon, which is an organization that provides access to quality primary school education to vulnerable and underprivileged children and youths (Children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, children living with disabilities) in underserved communities all across Cameroon. (Go to for more information)