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Will Anyu - Program Coordinator @ Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions

Will Anyu is two-time graduate of North Carolina Central University with a B.A. in Mass Communication and an M.A. in Public Administration and is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Higher education at the University of Pennsylvania. Will was born in Cameroon but grew up in Minneapolis, MN. He has been fortunate enough to work for large scale initiatives working towards advancing people of color through education such as the Children’s Defense Fund, the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, and currently, he serves as the Program Coordinator for the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions. His passions include motivational speaking, researching issues related to race in education and working to uplift disadvantaged communities.


The African American experience, going from a Historically Black College or University to an Ivy League Institution.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities were founded and created in the mid-1800s due to segregation and the lack of access to Predominantly White Institutions for people of color (Black People). These institutions from their inception have cultivated and inspired some of the greatest minds this world has ever seen, individuals such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Booker T. Washington, Toni Morrison, Nikki Giovanni, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Thurgood Marshall and so much more. In Contrast, the Ivy Leagues, which are comprised of eight universities, Penn, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, and Yale are regarded as some of the best institutions of higher education in the world. In this discussion, I will aim at telling my story of how I navigated my experience at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) an HBCU in the south to find my place at The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) and Ivy league University located in the heart of Philadelphia PA.