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Keri Anne Fuller - CEO & Founder Lucid Art Gallery


I’m a natural creator. I’ve been focused on the concepts of self-awareness and laws of the universe.  I believe that I can create anything.  I opened Lucid Art Gallery in 2011.  I express my thoughts, emotions, and consciousness through painting and photography.

My creations are themed in matters of the mind such as sensation and perception, moods, and relationships. I have been painting since childhood. My art expresses my current state of mind. I use color, brushstrokes, and layering to display on paper what emotion I am experiencing.

I love painting a reflection of feelings and emotions. I capture times of happiness, loss, anger, love, confusion, power, contentment, elation, and even those feelings I can't describe.

I enjoy the freedom of expressional art by using rapid paint-handling, indistinct shapes, large rhythms, broken color, uneven saturation, and pronounced brushwork.

I'm also in love with painting eyes, especially the iris. I see many universes in each eye that contain super novas, a black hole, and solar winds.

One thing I love is taking photographs of nature. It is amazing some of the images that are hidden right before our eyes.


Science and Art

I am fascinated by science.  I love human anatomy, applied physics, inorganic chemistry, and astrology.  I am obsessed with art.  I love lighting, colors, movement, contrast, depth, complexities.  

I knew that these two paths would cross in my life.  Born in me is a passion to create ocular prosthetics.  I’m jumping through all the hoops, but I make a game out of it. It’s fun. 

I find myself falling in love with a new aspect in this profession. I focus on all the gratifying elements of this craftsmanship.

I can’t tell you exactly how I’m going to get there, but I know I’ll be textbook famous.This journey is beyond a feeling of satisfaction.

 The Mind’s Eye

Touring the Gallery

I invite you to tour the online gallery and explore the various exhibits, browse through the gift shop, and contact me for any commission requests. 

There are 20” x 30” Originals (Unframed). These paintings are expressional and display my mind at a pin-point in time.  

There are 12” x 12” Iris Canvas (Box/Unframed).  These paintings are of the human eye, realistic and conceptual.

There is a new exhibit opening titled, “Iris in Paradise.”  These paintings are 8” x 10” Canvas (Flat/Unframed). 

I started a blog titled, “Eye Love Your Eyes.”  This will be the story of becoming an Ocularist.  I’m taking an unorthodox approach.  This blog will encourage others to follow their dreams no matter the obstacles.

After an original painting is purchased, prints will be made available through Fine Art America.