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Peter Andoh-Kesson - Founder & CEO of Lift Africa, Entrepreneur, Believer, Health Enthusiast


About Peter,
Peter Andoh-Kesson is the founder and CEO of Lift Africa LLC., a social enterprise that is focused on the health and wellness of African people and people of African descent. Prior to starting the company, he obtained his bachelor's degree in Construction Management Technology from the University of Maryland Eastern shore and recently obtained his Masters in Project Management from the University of Maryland University College. His family's origin is from Ghana, West Africa so it's no surprise that he loves the culture. Passionate about God, construction, seeing people improve their lives, and staying healthy all fall in line with the company he started in 2016. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering at his church, and working out. Through self-education, he also grew to understand the sociopolitical issues that Africa has which has led him to be where he is today. He hopes to help Africa grow into a self-sustainable country through collaborating with strategically chosen non-profits, that are doing work to develop our people physically, mentally, spiritually and of course, financially.

Bio for Company:

The idea for the company first came to Peter Andoh-Kesson after his first visit to Ghana, West Africa in June 1999 with his family. At the youthful age of just 10 years old, Peter noticed the roads around his grandfather’s large home in Accra were completely made of dirt, grass, and weeds. Though he had no existing knowledge of construction or the infrastructure of the country, he made a unique promise to his mother that he will fix the roads around his grandfather’s home when he gets older. As time developed, this idea grew, even more, when Peter noticed that the constant portrayal of Africa is that it is poor, uneducated and starving for aid. This narrative was far from the truth and Peter set out to change it. He later graduated college with a degree in Construction Management Technology in 2012 and completed his Masters in Project Management in 2017. During his time in school, he still could not let go of his dream and he also later discovered that he enjoyed working out in the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. More specifically, as he trained himself with the help of other trainers, he noticed that there was a need for easily accessible certified trainers everywhere. According to Peter “Everyone wants to work out and eat right but they don’t know where or how to start.” So thus, Peter decided to combine his love for working out, his desire to change the narrative of Africa and lastly his love for people, into the company now called Lift Africa. This organization is where people everywhere can work out with certified trainers, work alongside nutritionists, and focus on their mental wellness while also donating towards helping strategically chosen non-profits that are doing authentic work to make Africa a self-sustainable continent. According to Peter “It’s a win-win for everyone”.