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Paul Owe AKA (King Paul) - Comedian


Some refer this famous Viner as “that funny guy”, you may even know him as King Paul, but to his family and friends, he is Paul Owe, the 19-year-old college student from Lagos, Nigeria.

Paul began making skits in his sophomore year of high school when his friend Janai Harrington convinced him to start making Vines. While many of his videos have gone viral, the first few videos he made were largely overlooked; however, it only took about a month for Paul’s videos to get the attention they deserved.

His personal favorite video is his “African Vine Videos Compilation” on Youtube, currently seen by almost 1 million people worldwide. So where does Paul get his inspiration? Paul stays true to himself, drawing inspiration from his personal life and experiences true to himself in order to make his videos relatable. Paul heavily relies upon and appreciates his supporters feedback.

Vine recently met its’ end January 17, 2017, after a little under four years of bringing constant laughter to Viners. Many Vine fans mourned the loss of the app, but Paul was affected differently. One would think that Paul would be saddened or upset about Vine's closing; nonetheless, despite gaining his initial popularity through Vine, Paul shockingly, “wasn’t really tripping when Vine announced that it would be closing because it had been dead to [him] for about a year.”

Although currently majoring in Business Marketing, Paul sees himself in 5 years as an actor. He hopes to work alongside renowned comedians such as Kevin Hart or Instagram famous @DooleyFunny. 

Fun Facts: Paul is single, but not looking for anyone soon. He’s prioritizing his career and school, but he wouldn’t mind a lil baby who gone listens (My words, not his). The best piece of advise he’s received is from his friend Seanery: “If the quality is good, the numbers will do themselves.”  Finally, he enjoys traveling, Chik-Fil-A, and trying new things. If Paul had all the money in the world, he would buy everyone in his family new houses, generously donate to charity, and start a food chain. 

Congratulations Paul on your current and future successes!

View his Youtube Channel: King Paul
Instagram: @Kingpaul__
Snapchat: @omgitskingpaul
Twitter: @Kingpaul__