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Tatiana Nchotu - CEO of Health Up with Tatiana


Tatiana is a health enthusiast and future licensed nutritionist who is on a mission to improve the health of her African community both in the diaspora and back home. Her interests in health emerged from her own struggles with determining what health is for her and going through some body image issues alongside dealing with an eating disorder after the tragic loss of her father. Additionally, more interest was sparked when she realized the importance of nutritional therapy as a way of preventing and approaching medical care. Another spark to her interest in preventive health was fueled by seeing her mother and many others in her community battling with managing chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension and struggling to manage stress. Tatiana has seen an opportunity to be part of the solution to the numerous and often times hidden health issues in her community.  As a public health advocate Tatiana is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Clinical Nutrition with the goal of opening her own holistic practice focused on nutritional therapy, one that would be assessable to everyone and cost effective.
While working towards her degree, Tatiana is working on various projects and content to help educate and coach her individuals on ways to clean up their diet, modify/improve their eating habits, build a healthier relationship with food, help her mom reverse her type 2 diabetes, emphasize healthy cooking methods, encouraging and inspiring individuals to exercise at least 30 minutes a day or as often as possible. Tatiana has run health challenges to serve as a way of pushing her community towards wellness while simultaneously serving as an accountability partner. Tatiana strives to inspire, empower and hold women accountable to determine what healthy is for us, to enhance our health, love our bodies, and help each other to be and look our best. Her goal is to help people achieve optimal health and she believes prevention should be the focus so there won’t be any intervention.