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Petra V. Ovia - Founder & CEO of Naturally Osayi, LLC


Petra V. Ovia was born and raised in Maryland where she currently resides. She developed a passion for giving and encouraging others. After experiencing her share of life’s roller coasters, setbacks, and setups, Petra surrendered her life to God and asked Him to take the driver seat of her life. This decision gave her the clarity she needed. With a new set of eyes, she discovered her purpose; which is raising consciousness regarding self-awareness,  and self-esteem. In May 2016, she obtained a Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Her graduate work afforded her the opportunity to spend five months in India in 2015. While in India, Petra witnessed the lack of equal opportunities, education, and low self- esteem specifically among the female population. Petra realized that this issue is not just prominent in the USA and India, but needs to be addressed worldwide. These series of events increased her hunger to reach out to women. One of her goals is to inspire women, by helping them see their self-worth and potential contribution to the world. This led her to self-publish an empowering book entitled “My Self-Discovery Journal”.

Petra is the Founder & CEO of Naturally Osayi, LLC. She is also a member of the illustrious organization known as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Petra is committed to making a difference to the parts of the world that God has given her, with the hope that lives are impacted, and people are propelled to go and get their own piece of the world.