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Isata Koroma - Founder of The Icings On Top Bakery & Miss Guinee North America 2016 - 2017


As a first generation Guinean, born in Brooklyn, New York, she has been an avid traveler since a young age. Whether it be vacation time, family visit, charity, or work related, she never seems to stay in one place for too long. She has been all around Europe, Africa, Asia, the US, and recently spent a year working broadly in Australia as a head pastry chef at a 5-star resort and hotel, as well as a lead pastry chef of a busy cafe. Her creativity and passion for her artistry sets her apart from the rest and gives her the ability to create her own lane, chasing her dreams. A pastry chef by profession, she started her own online bakery, The Icings On Top 5 years ago ( The bakery offers custom design birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, and a plethora of other desserts and treats. Alongside her sister, they started #KreativeKoroma which is a hub for all things art done by the duo. Fast forward to present day, she now offers dessert table set up, event decor, event planning, event coordinating, wedding planning, EMCEE hosting, charity and fundraising - the sky is really the limit for her creative mind.

In 2016, She went on to compete in the Miss Guinea North America pageant and was crowned Queen MGNA 2016-2017. Throughout her reign, she had the opportunity to collaborate with different organizations that were very important to the community, hosting galas and fundraisers to bring awareness to education, stem programs, clean water, and FGM. Using her platform to promote artistry and appreciation to creatives, she was able to pair up with an acrobatic training school in Guinea. By creating and hosting her own events like The Icings on Top Tea Party and Afrovibez, she has been raising money to donate back to the facility. Proceeds are helping with equipment, first aid kits and implementing safety rules, to ensure the artist have a safe and advanced facility to practice and excel in their art. Isata has been finding ways to use her talents and craft, to give back, empower, support, motivate and promote the importance of entrepreneurial skills, individuality and art starting with the youth of Guinea. Fast forward to the present day, and she is now behind a popular Instagram blog, promoting self-love, uplifting women, and mentoring young ladies in the Guinean Community.