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Nyorh Agwe - Founder/CEO of lifestyle brand NYORH AGWE


Nyorh Agwe was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1993 to Dr. Eveline Ane & Jonathan
Agwe. Because of her parents careers, Nyorh experienced a very nomadic lifestyle. It seemed as if the only consistent thing was change and very frequently she would lose herself in it all.
However, she found stability in art which grew to be a true passion of hers.
In 2015, She graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design.
Currently, she is studying for her MBA at Nova Southeastern University with a focus on
Entrepreneurship. Fashion made way for her to discover her identity and purpose. She desires to share this same liberation with others, especially with her people in Cameroon. She believes that fashion can truly expand past materialism; it can be a spiritual connection to the creator within.

Inspired by this vision, she founded the lifestyle brand NYORH AGWE in 2016. Nyorh
collaborates with local artisans in her home country Cameroon. By doing so, the company
serves not only as a global platform to showcase the vast talents of the artisans but also serves as a stable source of income in the mist of Cameroon's increasing poverty rate.
The company has been celebrated by notable platforms like New African Woman
Magazine, Essence Magazine, Vogue Italia “Designers to Watch”, OkayAfrica, and many moreNyorh Agwe continues to share her experiences not only through her company but through other platforms that involve topics about art culture in Africa to what it takes to start a fashion brand. She has been a speaker at Smith College ArtBeat 2018 and has been interviewed for numerous independent platforms like ShokoPress, OkayAfrica, ArtLiving, and more.