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Tasha McCormack - Blogger, Dreamer, Creator & CEO of Chronically Fearless


In 2011, Chronically Fearless founder and blogger, Tasha McCormack, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) , an autoimmune disease which affects the central nervous system and causes unpredictable and often debilitating symptoms. As a 21-year old daughter, sister, student and leader, Tasha viewed her diagnosis as the most terrifying and horrible thing that could have ever happened to her. At least back then she did. 

In 2015, four-years post-diagnosis and in spectacular health, Tasha realized that she was no longer worried or terrified. Tasha realized that she was FEARLESS. Following a conversation with friends about goals and purpose, she finally identified God's purpose for her, which was to share her fearlessness with others. She decided to be CHRONICALLY FEARLESS.

In January 2017, the Chronically Fearless blog was born creating a safe space for young women with chronic illnesses to connect and share their experiences. Over the last year, Tasha McCormack has inspired many with her resilience and her honesty. The Chronically Fearless blog reveals Tasha’s battles with multiple sclerosis as well as advice and knowledge for her fellow fearless women. Tasha McCormack and the Chronically Fearless blog represent all women who choose fearlessness in the face of chronic illness and/or adversity. Chronically Fearless aims to encourage all women to be STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and most of all, FEARLESS.