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Saudat Almaroof - Founder Of Jaiyeroof, Inc

About Jaiyeroof, Inc
Jaiyeroof, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization whose aim is to serve underprivileged communities in Nigeria. We strive to provide a platform for Nigerian-Americans and African Americans to give back to Nigeria, by participating in yearly mission projects and promoting cultural inclusion.

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After graduating from Morgan State University, I felt lost and unsure of what my purpose in life was supposed to be. I focused on event planning because this was an interest of mine, but this still did not satisfy my soul. As children, my sister and I said we were going to have our own homeless shelter when we were adults. The thought of this idea always rested in the back of my mind. After months of praying, God reminded me of my childhood dream to help others. As a Nigerian-American I have pride in saying I am from Nigeria, but there are millions of people in Nigeria suffering while I live my life comfortably in America. If I had to help anyone, I knew I wanted to help my country, which is why after 17 years, I went back to Nigeria with the mindset that I will make a difference. This was the birth of Jaiyeroof, Inc