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Dr Degha Fongod - CEO and Founder of Delight Primary Care


My name is Degha Fongod MD but you can address me as Dr. D. I was born in Washington DC and grew up in Cameroon, West Africa, and Washington DC. While I was in Cameroon I suffered from severe asthma and spent a lot of time in a hospital or healthcare setting. After these experiences, I decided I wanted to be a doctor. During my medical education, I determined that I wanted to focus on preventative medicine and that led me to my specialization in Internal Medicine. 

After completing my medical training, I was excited to start my new job of taking care of patients. However, when I started working I noticed cracks in our healthcare system. I had very limited time with my patients, which made it difficult to fully understand the scope of their problems. I was also encumbered with an endless amount of paperwork, which was not related to patient health. This is not how I want to practice medicine so when the opportunity arose for me to start over, I decided I would start a medical practice that would focus on accessibility and personalized healthcare. That’s how Delight Primary Care was birth. 

I want Delight Primary Care to be a family where all types of patients are accepted. Do you need help with your weight? Are you looking for ways to take fewer medications? Or do you just want to have access to your doctor via text, call or video call? If you want to take an active role in your healthcare and need someone to help guide you with this, come and join the Delight Primary Care family. 

To celebrate Labor Day, we are offering free adult physicals on Monday, September 3rd and Friday, September 7th.

No charge for the physical. Please call 703-879-4729 to reserve a spot.

Please complete this Adult Physical Form (…) prior to arrival.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Delight Primary Care office.

At Delight Primary Care, Our goal is to provide value-based medicine. Wouldn't it be nice to have a doctor that listens to you, walks with you during sickness and health and empowers you to lead a healthy lifestyle? We feel that the patient-doctor relationship is sacred and we aim to put the "care" back in healthcare

Dr. Degha Fongod was born and raised in Washington DC. She attended Ross University School of Medicine and completed her internal medicine residency at St Mary's Hospital -Yale University. She practiced in Slidell Louisiana before deciding to return home to the DMV. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. 

"When I was practicing medicine in the traditional model, I felt stifled by the restrictions that were imposed on me either directly or indirectly due to my agreement with insurance companies. My ideal practice was one where I had a personal relationship with my patients, they had accessibility to me at all times and they were happy and proud to have me partake in their care. So if this sounds like the type of relationship you want with your primary care physician, come and join the Delight Primary Care family"

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Twitter: @delightpc
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Some useful information
Practice is located In Fairfax Virginia
It is a not insurance based so its a good practice for those who do not have health insurance.