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Maniac - artists, Ep Available 15th Sept (#237 To The World)


Two talented Cameroonians Desmond and Immanuel together forming the dynamic due called Maniac. They Began singing professionally in 2016 and debuted their first Album "In The Beginning" which consisted of award-winning songs "African Girl" and "Solo" and many more. It all began as a separate journey for them both. Desmond Ntah who began at age 3, was an actor in the church, a drummer and also a singer. He spent most of his life in Yaoundé Cameroon and studied at LBY why there. He, later on, traveled to the U.S in 2010 and began singing with Immanuel in 2013. Immanuel (Manny Man) was born in Mamfe Cameroon and spent most of his childhood moving from one town to another for both education and success. He, later on, traveled to the U.S in 2009 and began singing with Desmond( Dezzy Champy). Now debuting their latest single “Waje”, following “Anything”