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Nikki Curry - poet, speaker, liturgical ministerand Author of Celibate Converstions


Nikki is indigenous to Maryland and President and CEO of Natural State of Mind and Nishati Earth which focuses on getting back to being one's self in mind, body and spirit through meditation,yoga and prayer. She specializes in Holistic health, battlefield acupuncture and Sound and Energy Therapy. She is inspiring to become a Doctor in Nursing specializing in cardiac health. 

As a poet, speaker and liturgical minister at the Church of the Redeemed of the Lord in Baltimore,Maryland her spiritual journey has lead her to a life of celibacy. Through life and life’s trials she has decided to rediscover who she is in Christ by remaining chastised and creating a new covenant with God. 

 Nikki is a loving mother of three children, Khiree, Jameelah and Raven as well as a GiGi to her grandson, Zion. While raising them alone, she was able to explore the way to a balanced and healthy life.