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Miguel Asua - Video Producer, Director & Artist


Hello, my name is Miguel and I am a story teller. Like most creatives, my passion and love for the arts drives me to seek unique ways to convey stories and ideas. However, the very thing that drives me to create is the same thing that makes my art unique... my perspective!

My perspective on life has always been different. I was born in Cameroon, raised in Texas, moved to the DC metropolitan area for college, and I’m the first in my family to chose the unconventional career path. It’s needless to say my path was almost destined to be different. Culture, music, people, food, art and film are the only things I recall from my childhood that left a positive imprint… and remain today as one of the main things that compels me to explore life. I recently came across an old photo of me when I was about 10 years old. In that photo, I was holding up (what we know call ancient), a home video camcorder. You could see the happiness in my eyes.

In 2011, I started my production company with no capital or a plan on how or what I was doing. I’ve never been able to explain my thought process as it relates to creating visuals, but I’ve always been able to challenge myself in ways that propelled my career. A few years later I landed an editing gig at National Geographic… and since then I’ve been privileged to develop my talents at other establishments such as Discovery Communications, Verizon and Costar Group. Today, I’m grateful to own a fully operating video production company, Asua LLC... serving some of the most phenomenal clients in the nation with progressive agendas.

“Today is only as significant as the work you put in yesterday”… this motto motivates me to strive each and every day. I’m proud to have produced video content for creditable institutions, corporate interests, accomplished musicians, high profile weddings and a number of outstanding clientele. My satisfaction comes from the creative process and the fulfillment I can help deliver. I look forward to impacting the world in a positive manner and truly being a vessel for change in the arts and in communities across the world.

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