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Founder of Law Clerk On Demand, L.L.C.: An Interview With DeOnna Britt, J.D.

For those reading right now, who is DeOnna Britt, J.D.?
I am originally from Connecticut. I had the honor of graduating from Hampton University. After college, I graduated law school and started Law Clerk on Demand. If I had to define myself, I would say that I am a community leader and mentor. It’s so important that I use my experiences to help others.


Speak a little bit about your life from birth to now.
My life certainly has been a journey. I learned to be relentless in pursuing my goals early! I am so blessed to own a business and use my education to give back. 

You are the founder of Law Clerk on Demand, LLC. What is it about and how did you come about? How did you determine the need for it? 
Law Clerk on Demand is a legal research company providing on demand legal services. We are most known for our fresh Real Estate Lead Lists which are created monthly and used by real estate professionals. 


What is a leads list? 
A Real Estate Leads Lists are used by a Real Estate Investors, Realtors or Professionals to identify individuals who may need to sell their home. Our specialty is fresh information research within the last 30 days from the courthouse.

What services does Law Clerk on Demand, LLC? provide and how has it impacted society this far? 
Our services include: Legal Research, Real Estate Marketing Coaching and Real Estate Lead Lists. We are making our impact by supporting Real Estate Investors and Realtor’s through teaching at organizations such as South Atlanta Real Estate Investors Association. I have hosted several workshops on marketing assist with finding more real estate deals.

In addition, could you break down these different services and how beneficial it is to society? Legal Research, Real Estate Marketing, and Real Estate Lead Lists.1 response

Absolutely! We provide legal research services to Attorneys in the form utilizing legal databases like Westlaw or Lexis for case analysis. This year, I had the pleasure of teaching at about 17 real estate groups on Real Estate Marketing, including direct mail and cold calling training. Finally, we provide six different Real Estate Lead lists which include Probate, Evictions, Code Violations, Tax Delinquent, Divorce and Preforeclosure.

Are your services limited to the state of Georgia or is it nationwide? 
We are currently servicing Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We have fulfilled list orders in other states by special request on our website. 

If nationwide how do you engage with your clients across states? 
Our online presence has allowed us to reach clients in other states. We are rapidly growing to fulfill request nationwide.

Could you share with us a success story? 
We have so many exciting success stories. One of our customers in Gwinnett purchased a probate list, bought the home from a family who was completing the probate process and renovated the house over two months! The house sold in ten days and the investor profited $25,000. We love stories like that! 

How do your values show up in your work?
My values are demonstrated through my commitment to supporting and educating my community on relevant legal issues. We have recently partnered with colleges and law schools to mentor future law students. My company is determined to create more opportunities for students interested in the legal profession.

What is success to you?
Successful is always defined by what you have given back to your community. At this stage in my career, it is important that I use my education and experience to support those in need.

What advice do you have for those following their passion? 
My advice would be to never give up. Don’t let anyone or anything deter you from pursuing your dreams. Finally, when faced with an obstacle, develop a written plan and attack it in small pieces.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 
Thank you so much for this opportunity!

How can people reach you? 
Instagram: @lawclerkondemand 
Facebook: @LawClerkOnDemand

Thank you for your time DeOnna.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.